Main Beach to Replace Sand With Needles


Enough Syringes Have Been Collected, No Need To Donate


SANTA CRUZ- Santa Cruz city leaders, during an early morning secret meeting, voted unanimously to replace all of Santa Cruz Main Beach sand with hypodermic syringes. A move that stunned many residents but was then quickly ignored as locals went back to working 3 jobs. Saying the idea to replace every grain of sand on the main beach with used needles was the right decision after so many syringes have been appearing on beaches and in public parks, members of the council also promised to increase the number of recycling cans on the same beach, sources reported Friday. “It’ll be much happier here in this community when people don’t have any doubt a needle will appear,” said Sandy Brown, adding that she knew the community would back them up on the plan.

“It was bound to happen so we decided to get a jump start”

“The people of Santa Cruz deserve to have a beach that is honest.” Brown said, “All that doubt is out the window, it was bound to happen so we decided to get a jump start.” The hope is to eventually cover all city beaches and public parks with used syringes, some supporters of the decision are looking into the possibility of introducing the idea to k-12 school grounds. “Kids are naturally curious,” Jeremy Shonick, school board member said, “they want to explore and discover, we just want to speed up the process for the child to become more personally aware of the danger of used needles.”

The plan is being rushed into action and is expected to be implemented as soon as this weekend. The city is asking people to avoid donating any needles for the project due to the overwhelming number of syringes already in possession of local departments.