Local Man Admits He Has No Idea Where Midtown Is Located


SOQUEL- With his head down and using a quite voice, James Ramos finally admitted he has absolutely no idea where Midtown Santa Cruz starts or ends. “I thought I knew, I have mentioned it in conversation,” Ramos said, “but really, I don’t know, I think it’s around Downtown.” He then pointed towards the beach obviously not realizing he was neither pointing at Midtown nor Downtown.

Ramos is not alone, Santa Cruz Journal recently asked locals where Midtown is located and the results of the poll were astonishing. Over 77% of locals thought Midtown was near Seabright. Of course, these poll numbers meant nothing to our staff since we aren’t exactly sure of the location either.

Senior Planner, Ryan Bane, was contacted by Santa Cruz Journal and his answer “Think it’s over by the mall,” created more questions and finally our staff changed the discussion to how great the Westside is now.